Sunrise Amphitheater CO Intimate Wedding

Boulder CO intimate wedding after dark
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Mesmerized by the way two people love each other, each so uniquely.  I always leave room for dessert. Believe swear words are just sentence embellishers. Think indulgences are necessary in this life. 

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I first met these two at another wedding that Courtney was a bridesmaid in. I traveled to Pennsylvania for Kaitlyn + Steve’s wedding. Got to know the girls during rehearsal dinner a little but on the wedding day I sat at a table with with Courtney + Christoph chatting the night away. A few months later they were engaged and messaged me asking if there was a way I could meet them in Jackson Hole for their engagement photos. To which I said a hell yes and we adventured in a winter wonderland.

Shortly after that they sent me another message saying they we’re getting married in Boulder, Colorado with just their family + would I come photograph it?!? Um yessssss. They planned this perfect intimate wedding with only family and then COVID hit. With family members in Europe there was no way they could come so they postponed hoping they could later. It ultimately became a smaller event as many couldn’t travel. They had such a chill day. Had their ceremony at Sunrise Amphitheater overlooking Boulder at sunset. We did their portraits in pitch dark. That wasn’t the plan but things often don’t go as planned and we rolled with it. It was a challenge I embraced and I love every image because of what we put into them to make something when it seemed almost impossible. 

They spent the evening dancing and having drinks with their family in the cutest little space. And were surprised with video messages from all the people who couldn’t make it in person. It was so sweet and so special. For me it was a reminder of how beautiful things can be in simplicity. When you don’t get worked up about what didn’t work and just embrace what you already have. It’s such an incredible feeling. Cheers you two!!

Xx, J