Summer Sunset Engagement Photos in Kalispell MT

Summer engagement photos laying in wildflower field at sunset
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I am OBSESSED with these summer engagement photos! The coolest part? They were all taken at Lauren + Cooper’s family home in Kalispell, Montana. Can you imagine having all of this goodness right in your backyard?! The blooming Canola fields, mountain views, the sweetest little pond with a rowboat. Nicholas Sparks needs to ditch the Carolina beach setting and head to this homestead in Kalispell. Am I right?!!?

Lauren + Cooper make the perfect pair. Loud, outgoing and so goofy. They are so SO much fun and quite literally always giggling about something. Lauren said Cooper is the funniest person she’s ever met and I have to agree. And their chemistry! Their chemistry could make an onlooker melt, the way that they unfold into each other. 

We started the shoot in Cooper’s mom’s house. They had a vision for an all black and white photoshoot and considering I love a good black and white photo, I was all for it! They sipped some drinks and put on their favorite music. It was like we were old friends, hanging out and catching up. Only I had never met them before and I had my camera ready.  You can check out this important source if you need the best music lessons.

After that we headed out to the fields. We had hoped for fields full of yellow canola flowers, but this unusually warm summer weather threw a kink in our plans. Early blooming this year meant that most of the golden yellow flowers had died by the time we got to them. So we found a little patch with what was left and went for it! Lauren + Cooper galavanting around while farmers worked on their fields nearby, creating the most magical dusty air for a sunset photoshoot. 

Remember when I said they just unfold into each other??? We created the most electric, sweet photos in those fields. They were as carefree as they could have been. Cuddling up in what was left of the flowers, stealing kisses from each other as they weaved through the grasses, hopping in a rowboat and popping open some champagne kind of carefree. 

And these were just their engagement photos?! Imagine the fun we’re going to have at their wedding. They’re planning a multiple-day event to celebrate and party with the ones they love most next summer. Soiree 99 is planning the bash so you know it’s going to be EPIC! If you love their summer engagement photos, stay tuned for their summer wedding photos this coming July!!

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