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Ohmygosh. The first time I ever had a wedding published on a blog… albeit a small wedding blog… I fist pumped feeling like I MADE IT!!!!!!!!! WHEW!!

Fact…. I still do that, every single time one of my couples gets to grace the sites or pages of publications. In the middle of the summer I find it hard to find the time to send images into publications. With so many weddings and travel it takes me a little while to get them submitted. But I know where I want to send them. After every wedding I know where I think they will fit best and have a short list of 2 maybe 3 publications I’d try with that wedding.

I’ve had a few weddings featured on Luxe Mountain Weddings, even had bride’s book me after reading their blog. I thought it might be a good fit for LMW. Just whenever I could get to submitting things 😉 After posting Carolina and Abe’s wedding to my blog the editor of LMW saw it and emailed herself asking to have it for the magazine and that was a heck yes from me! A few weeks later there it was. In print. In my mailbox.

It’s SO exciting having images featured. But damn the way my heart pitter patters when I can see it in print. Touching and feeling the pages. AH!!!

Thank you Luxe Mountain Weddings for featuring their wedding. It was an honor to photograph it! And a big congrats to Carolina & Abe and their family!!! YAY!

To read the full magazine article and Carolina’s advice on planning a wedding CLICK HERE!



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