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Shoot & Share Photo Contest

I don’t enter many photos into photo contests. I don’t know, I just don’t. A lot of them, or most of them, turn into popularity contests of who can tell more people to vote for them and get them to do it. Just takes the fun out of a contest, I think.

The Photo Contest put on by the Shoot & Share community is a little different though. It’s all randomized. You can’t go searching and select a specific image, or person. You open up the link to the contest and you’re given 4 images from a category (which you can’t select a category either, it’s also randomized) and then you just click on your favorite. There are no names attached so you have nothing to go off of other than which one you personally like. And then another 4 images appear. You select your fave again.  And then you’re addicted. You spend hours laying on the couch just clicking on killer images for the night. And then realize you’re pathetic for not moving or doing anything else for hours. Seriously. Those hours are gone forever. Haha. 😉 And, then every week they removed the bottom 10% with the least amount of votes. So the contest just gets better and better.

I’m soooo excited to see my awesome brides and grooms make the Top 10% overall, Top 100 in Categories, even make the Top 10 in Categories. You all are AMAZING! And here you have it…. here’s what went down during the contest!

Oh, wait. Let me give you some stats cause that makes this sound even more awesome!

Number of photos submitted: 26, 443

Number of photographers: 1660

Number of votes overall: 5,737,602

Number of voters: 14,274

Yeah. Those are big numbers. Told you that you were all amazing. And really good looking, but we knew that already! 🙂

These photos made the Top 10% overall in the contest! 

Many Glacier National Park Elopement by Jacilyn M

McDonald Lake Mission Mountains Montana Engagement by Jacilyn M

Marshal Mountain Montana Winter Engagement by Jacilyn M

Wise River Montana Mountain Wedding by Jacilyn M

Seeley Lake Montana Wedding by Jacilyn M

McDonald Lake Mission Mountain Montana Engagement by Jacilyn M

The Top 100 in a Category!

Glacier National Park Day After Trash the Dress Wedding by Jacilyn M

Como Lake Hamilton Montana Day After Trash the Dress Wedding by Jacilyn M

Glacier National Park Day After Trash the Dress Wedding by Jacilyn M

Glacier National Park Wedding by Jacilyn M

Como Lake Hamilton Montana Day After Trash the Dress Wedding by Jacilyn M

The Top 10 in a Category!

#9 in Details: Cake, Flowers & Decor

Big Fork Montana Wedding by Jacilyn M

#4 in Engagement

Lake McDonald Glacier National Park Montana Boat Engagement by Jacilyn M

I’m truely the LUCKIEST person in the world that I get to spend my days hanging with all of you. And photographing you as we go 🙂 CHEERS party people!!!


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