So Crazy it’s Exciting!

June 20, 2014


There have been moments that I’ve thought, what were you thinking?!  You’re crazy. But honestly it’s getting so crazy that I’m so excited. SO EXCITED.

The next few weeks are insane. And in natural Jackie fashion I started packing an hour ago to leave 10 minutes from now. PS I’m packed. I killed it.

I’m hopping in the car for a little adventure with my daughter up to Glacier. Had to pack her for a weekend of camping up there. And then for a week with her Auntie. Then for the following week with her dad. Then I’m spending some time with my sister. Wedding in Many Glacier tomorrow. And I’m driving home RIGHT after it. All the way, about 5 hours. Get home around 3am. Gather the rest of my things for my birthday vacation and then I’m off to the airport at 4am to catch my 5:30 am flight to Calgary. Meg is picking me up!! Then her and I are roadtripping to Kelowna. Right then. Monday is our birthday and we’re headed to Vancouver! Some fun plans with friends followed by lots of shopping and city life. Back home on Thursday. Get in at midnight. Meetings Friday morning and then I’m off to Red Lodge and Billings for the weekend for another wedding and another shoot!

Got lost in there. Yeah, me too. I’m crazy. But the idea of go-go-go just gets my adrenaline going.

CHEERS to the weekend. Hope you do something ridiculous!

You get one life. Go off!






PS. I wrote this and then saved it to upload a photo from our little roadtrip today 🙂  Posting blog posts from my phone?! SICK!



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