August 22, 2018

Alexis and Joshua | Bar W Ranch Whitefish MT Wedding Photographer

Alexis and Joshua | Bar W Ranch Whitefish MT Wedding Photographer

I first met Alexis and Joshua for their engagement photos last summer in Glacier National Park. They were an hour late. Ha! And I had my kid along. But we had a freaking blast. I’ve been soooo excited and so nervous for their wedding since then! I’m nervous before every wedding. Amanda will tell you I go through this weird shut down time about an hour before every wedding. I panic. I don’t want to do it. I get jittery. I stop talking, which I talk all the time. And then as we pull up to the wedding I flip a switch and grab my bag and can’t wait to get inside. But this wedding at times had me a bit freaked the eff out haha.

It was a big wedding but not so much in the aspect of number of guests. Although they had about 175 guests come from everywhere but Montana and I’ve always believed that that says so much about the characters of the couple for all these people to make it here. But this wedding was big in every way. We were covering multiple days, lots of vendors, lots of expectations, so many details, so many multiple locations at once. And as I type that out I realize that is every wedding sort of, but whatever reason or reasons this one had me holding my breath. I did my whole I don’t wanna do this thing and then did the switch grabbed my bag and went to work and my god it was amazing.

Alexis and Joshua are truly two of the kindest people I have ever met. So thoughtful and so down to earth even though they’re clearly otherworldly gorgeous. Alexis even discovered someway, somehow in a moment in time that I love Kauai Coffee and gifted me some. To even think of me is unreal. Even Amanda was so blown away at how they treated and respected her as the second shooter, always reaching out to her, calling her by name and so forth. Stuff like that goes a long ways. They are absolutely incredible. Which again explains why so many people came all this way. We get it.

They got ready in the early afternoon with their bridal party. 24 of them in all, the biggest bridal party I’ve ever photographed. And all damn good looking. They shared a first look together so excited to finally see each other they spent, no kidding, a full 15 minutes talking to each other about their day so far. I loved it cause most couples take 2 minutes and then ask ‘now what’. They practiced their first dance, and we photographed them with their friends before heading to Bar W Ranch for the wedding.

The details were insane. One of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen. The florals and mauve colors with touches of gold and candlesticks lighting the night. And the chuppah was just jaw-dropping. I’ve never photographed a jewish wedding before and it’s currently my new fave thing!! The ceremony is so special, makes marriage feel sacred again. They’re family joins them under the chuppah as they circle each other, choosing each other. The 7 blessings. The breaking of the glass and it’s reasoning with love, happiness and pain. If you haven’t before look up the jewish wedding and what it all means itt’s so incredible. Their ceremony couldn’t be more perfect. And their pup Sparkles was carried down the aisle. Dogs should be in every wedding.

They gathered and asked for photos with their college friends and Joshua and his house had a tradition they chanted and drank a bottle of southern comfort. The ladies hugged tight and laughed. They partied into the early hours of the morning. If I hadn’t already planned to drive the 3 hours home that night I would have partied all night with them. They were all in. Champagne straight from the bottle. Packed dance floor. Glow sticks. An ice cream truck. And so much happened. This should seriously set the bar for wedding receptions 😉

Alexis + Joshua, thank you. In more ways than I can express in words. You challenged me in my craft with your wedding and your engagement actually, haha, and I’m better for it. I’ve risen above what I thought I was capable of and you two have just trusted me the whole way. I know you in no way intended for the challenge, or may even know that you did challenge me but I’m so grateful for it. My work, creativity, and life are better because of you. I’m so inspired. Thank you for showing us the beauty in marriage and ceremony of it. And thank you for your kindness, generosity, and energy. So grateful to have photographed your amazing day but even more blessed to know you!






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