Intimate Wedding on a Mountain Shoreline

glacier national park mt waterfall wedding
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I absolutely love an intimate wedding! So many couples go searching for a way to have a chill, relaxed wedding day to match their laid-back personalities. They don’t want to fuss with guest lists + napkin colors + textures, they just want to be married! But they have close friends + family they want to be there for their day. An intimate wedding checks all of the boxes! You don’t have to sacrifice what you want in order to please other people. Do what you want first + we’ll figure out how to make it an adventure for everyone! 

Bailey + Mike felt exactly this way. They are big outdoorsy people who love to travel…. obvs that pretty much makes us besties right there. They told me it was basically, “love at first trip,” they went camping in Rocky Mountain National Park just two weeks after their first date! So an outdoor elopement with a little exploration + adventure felt most true to them. But they also had someone very important to their love story that needed to be included in this adventure – their little girl. Being a mama myself, I know exactly how important it would be to include her in their plans. They wanted a little hike, easy enough for close family to come along, and those stunning views that Glacier National Park has to offer. Of course I said, LET’S DO IT! 

We met outside of West Glacier + immediately I knew they were the most laid-back, chill folks. We headed into the park for our first stop of the day, their first look at the bottom of Mcdonald Falls. But first, getting dressed in the forest which was freaking magical!!!

Waterfalls were a theme of their elopement. Just a couple of days into their relationship, they went on a hike to a waterfall. So now every time they travel, no matter where they are, the go searching for waterfalls nearby. I’m a sucker for little sentimental details, so I made sure to stop at every waterfall I could find for these two!! 

Their ceremony was on the shoreline of St. Marys Lake with their close family members. Personally written vows + champagne cheers. No matter how many weddings I shoot, I never get tired of the little moments. 

After the ceremony, we went out into the fields + made our own adventure. Their little one with us, a little shy at first, but by the end I was her best friend. She was such a trooper, going everywhere with us in her poofy, tulle light purple dress. Even strapped her into a carrier as we hiked that had a “just married” sign on it. Seriously, it was the cutest freakin’ thing. We ended their session with one last waterfall + it was absolute magic. Everyone is drawn to Montana for its epic mountain views, but there are many more treasures hidden between those peaks. Check out these other options for an amazing elopement in Montana! Like this lakeside winter elopement or this intimate waterfall elopement!

Xx, J