An After Wedding Photoshoot Adventure

Hyalite Canyon Bozeman MT Adventure Wedding Ellopement
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So what the heck even is an after wedding photoshoot lol? Well it’s a wedding photo sesh after the photoshoot. Probably could have a cooler name but I dunno. Megan + Dan had a private ceremony together by the river in the beautiful Hyalite Canyon outside Bozeman, MT. They exchanged vows with just their closest family members as witnesses and chose to keep that part of their day just for those present. No photos were snapped until afterward, when we met for an adventure photo session as their wedding portraits. I will do what my babes like + it was so fun! “An after wedding photoshoot.” I’m actually a sucker for doing anything outside the ordinary. Just do you love.

I opened up my car door in the parking lot + heard, “HEY BUDDY!” And that’s pretty much how the rest of the evening went. BUDDIES.

These two are the kindest, friendliest people. We spent our evening wandering around trails, just chatting about their lives, all of the events that led them to that evening in the woods, and even what they had planned for the future. We talked about growing up in Texas, a mutual agreement to never live more than 45 minutes away from a Target, a black bear sighting at their rental and their trip to Montana. Their trip was special to Dan because he wants to show Megan some of his favorite places his travels have taken him. He had visited Montana before and knew she would love it as much as he did. These little conversations I have with my couples as we wind up + down trails, in and out of fields + forests, they always reveal so much. Love for one another, little tidbits of personality, quirks in their relationship, dreams for the future. Before I know it, I feel like I know them, even though most of the time I’ve only just met them. 

At this point, Megan, Dan + I have ventured into a forested wonderland full of magical waterfalls + gorgeous exposed rock faces. After spending all of ten seconds being worried about getting her dress dirty, Megan went into full adventure mode, gracefully + effortless climbing up a mud hill to an exposed rock face, bouquet in hand, like it was nothing. Not more than a speck of dirt on her. Meanwhile, I slid down the entire hillside + bruised my ass, LITERALLY. Also like it was nothing…HAHA! I wish I could say I wasn’t used to that kind of event, but I’ve been known to have a clumsy moment or two. 

We ended the after wedding photoshoot in true Texan fashion, Dan sporting his cowboy hat + Megan threw on her boots. We found a blanket that had been thrown into the back of their car and threw it in the most magical little spot. The two newlyweds sat snuggled up in a clearing, blooming with soft yellow wildflowers, surrounded by the forests outside of Bozeman. Melting into each other, radiating so much freaking love in all directions.