Jen + Jake | Grand Caribe Belize

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I shared part of Jen + Jake’s story in my previous post, which if you haven’t seen or read, go check it out!!! Things took a drastic turn and her terminally ill father wasn’t going to be able to make it to this Belize wedding and they had a ceremony last minute so definitely go read it as it’s so important to this full story.

Even after the Missoula ceremony Belize was still on and it was SO fun!! Jen + Jake had their celebration with friends and fam at the Grand Caribe Belize at Ambergris Caye. You fly into Belize City and take a little plane with handwritten boarding passes out to the Caye. Haha. Life at Ambergris Caye is so laid back and chill and everyone drives golf carts. So clearly a good time to be had!

The first day was full of sun and food and drinking and a mini plan to maybe take the golf carts north in the morning to a place called Secret Beach before the wedding. I woke up at 6a to a text from Jen saying her and her bridesmaid and bridesman were going to Secret Beach in 30 minutes. I scrambled outta bed and hopped in a golf cart lol. We were the only ones there, it was so windy but so pretty and so calm and chill for them to just start her day together on a beach in Belize all to themselves. The bars started to open as we left so we grabbed a drink and then raced the carts back to the hotel to get ready. Literally raced. There were bruises from potholes and carts hahaha.

They day was so chill. Jen walked down the beach at sunset as her dad watched on Facetime. They shared their vows again in front of all of their friends and fam. The guys even convinced the resort to change the flag on the dock to a Washington State Cougars flag haha.

We did portraits after the sun was down and it was soooo fun, something I never do and challenged me but I loved every second of it. And the reception started as the first full moon of the year came up and they danced the night away on the rooftop. The best time ever. Can’t wait for the opportunity to go back to Belize!

I adore these two beyond words. Love them + their friends + fam forever. I love running into them around town lol.

Xx, J.