Larissa + Kevin | Bozeman, MT

Fall MT Barn Boho Wedding
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These babes are two of the most beautiful redheads to walk the earth. I hope to god they have a billion cute redhead babies! Haha. Larissa is the sweetest human I showed up at her sisters in Bozeman where she was getting ready and she was so excited to have me there she actually cried when I came in!! Love this girl!

They were both stunning. Found a gorgeous open field space and had Kevin’s brother bring him out so they could have a moment together just themselves before the rest of the day could fly by. They danced in the dirt and brush. Laughed. Swayed her dress around. Had a drink. Laughed as his brother peed in the background. They pulled each other in tight. Wrapped there arms around each other and just held on, only breathing. And if that in itself isn’t beautiful on it’s own, look at these two!! I’m obsessed with them haha.

They had dreams of a fall outdoor ceremony on the side of the Love Lane barn but it poured rain and was a mess and cold so last minute they moved it all inside and you’d never know that wasn’t the plan! It was so cozy chic and then while they tapped the kegs they transformed the inside to a space of long family tables and love + gratitude filled inside the walls. There friends toasted to them with love and some roasting. The kids ran wild filling the space with thumps and little laughs. And they ended the night dancing their hearts out as the moon started to shine through the windows. One of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever witnessed or been a part of. And their hearts are truly made of gold. So so so grateful for these honeys.

Forever love you guys! 

Xx, J.