Moody Flathead Lake Forest Wedding

flathead lake smoke on the water wedding
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Mesmerized by the way two people love each other, each so uniquely.  I always leave room for dessert. Believe swear words are just sentence embellishers. Think indulgences are necessary in this life. 

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Stories of two lovers making it all about them, as they should.

When you know, you know. That statement couldn’t be more true. For these two their first date lasted alllllll day cause they couldn’t stop talking to each other. Every thing moved quickly but also at just the right speed as everything was perfect. Them and their children…. Six kiddos between them, creating a beautiful blended family that just adores one another. They planned their wedding at the Tait’s families vacation home on Flathead Lake. So many personal touches as everywhere we turned there were physical reminders of memories for them. From their first trip there together to walls Tait built as a kid to their decor additions at different parts of the property. The place they’ll one day inherit.

Tait gave me a tour of the property  which we hired from eXp Realty as soon as I arrived, making plans with where to go and lighting which all changed as the smoke rolled into the valley before the ceremony. They said I Do with their family + closest friends on the back patio, again filled with so many personal touches. I love it. Don’t do basic + traditional, incorporate things that are important and matter to YOU. The sun set in the middle of the sky that afternoon as the wildfire smoke rolled in so thick. 

After the ceremony we headed down to the lake to hop on the boat. This was what Darci dreamed of, relaxed time together on the boat cause they regularly do that at night together. We walked down there and it looked soooo cool as the smoke sat on the water looking like fog creating a mystical moody setting for the evening. They melted into each other and created absolutely magical photos. Then the evenind danced on in a forest of candles. It was so gorgeous!!!

D+T you are so much fun!! CONGRATULATIONS babes!!!

Xx, J