Summertime National Park Wedding

bride and groom holding hands in front of the mountains in Glacier National Park
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If you are a couple dreaming of an outdoor wedding, centered around lakes, mountains, rivers, and more, nothing makes more sense than a national park wedding! Imagine having wedding photos from some of the most incredible places in the world – places like El Captian in Yosemite National Park, countless waterfalls of Mountain Rainier National Park, or mountain views in Grand Teton National park. Leigh + Zach decided a national park wedding felt right for them and picked the tranquil waters of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Inspired by a previous wedding I photographed with a ceremony and picnic by a lake, Leigh and Zach were drawn to the countless lakes and panoramic views of Glacier National Park. But due to changes in the rules and regulations announced by the park, they decided to get married in the park and have dinner at Great Northern Resort outside of the park and then include an adventure day after the wedding! Even though this was plan B, you couldn’t tell! 

Officiated by their brother and with just their family, their ceremony was intimate and sweet. These babes hopped into a rowboat and headed to a boat dock where the rest of their family and friends waited on a chartered boat for a cruise + cocktails!! I absolutely recommend doing something just the two of you on your wedding day, especially if you have guests. This little rowboat ride gave Leigh + Zach a few moments to just be, to soak in the fresh mountain air and the fact that they just freaking married the love of their life. These private moments are extra special and you’ll be glad you took some time for yourself. Trust me. 

And after those private moments, just the two of them, they boarded a boat with everyone they love. They laughed, snacked, sipped on drinks, and took a magical tour of Lake MacDonald! A cocktail hour like this one also lets you have time to just chill. In contrast to a wedding reception with cake cuttings, toasts, and dances all at scheduled times, a cocktail hour gives you time to just hang. I am all for that! 

After the charter ended, the party definitely didn’t stop! We headed to Great Northern Resort in the town of West Glacier just a few minutes away. To top off an already incredible venue, the picnic reception was crafted by Soiree Ninety Nine. Brittany and her team are the real freaking deal! Every time I collaborate with them, I know the wedding is going to be flawless. If ya don’t believe me, check out Emily + Nathan’s outdoor mountain wedding! The same goes for Leigh + Zach’s reception dinner. It was stunning! 

It was a truly epic national park wedding, but the magic didn’t stop when the day ended! We headed back into the park the next day for a day after session. Did you notice that Leigh + Zach didn’t have any strict timelines or structure to their day? It’s because of this day after session. We didn’t have to stress about getting the banger images or sneaking them away from their guests the day of their wedding. Instead, they got to enjoy their day knowing that we have an entire session the next day dedicated to getting “the shots!” And DAMN, did we get “the shot”!!!!! Not just one, but a whole gallery. Obsessed is an understatement, low key freakin’ out. Leigh + Zach had a chemistry that a wedding photographer dreams about. The electricity between them and fluidity in their movements feels like they are melting together. Dynamite images of a dynamite couple. Scroll and have a look for yourself!!