Kaitlyn and Chase | Glacier National Park MT

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Mesmerized by the way two people love each other, each so uniquely.  I always leave room for dessert. Believe swear words are just sentence embellishers. Think indulgences are necessary in this life. 

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Stories of two lovers making it all about them, as they should.

I have a love affair with what we in the industry call intimate weddings. These small celebrations of the couple and their love. Just them and their family or really close friends. There’s just an energy about them. Sometimes they’re just as simple as gathering together in a location for a ceremony and then maybe dinner at a restaurant and some still want that mini wedding feel with seating, laid out dinner and details but still small and carefree. Everyone is really relaxed and the couples love is always the center of it and it’s so evident.

Kaitlyn + Chase wanted a small destination gathering with their family and chose to head to Glacier National Park and share their personal vows on the lakeshore in Two Medicine. Brought their family out on a trolley!! YAS! Chase told her she knew him better than everyone, and yet, she was still there. Haha! The wind was insane this day, and chilling off the lake. Kaitlyn even put a jacket on mid-ceremony. I loved standing back and seeing it in its imperfectness. I truly believe that’s where beauty is. Jackets on, hair flying everywhere and warm embraces from the ones you love.

They worked with one of my favorite planners, Field Wedding Studio, to create a ceremony space and put together a “picnic” dinner for their family. Nothing grand, just a space to gather. Although I’ve witnessed these girls create picnic dinners and they are another level. I knew Kaitlyn + Chase would freak when they saw it and they did. Kels and her team set it up in a little camp spot protected from the winds by the trees. Just one long table with all the touches and a personalized picnic box for everyone. I want her to make me a picnic dinner!!!

We finished off the night with photos and driving up to Many Glacier for more. Some of my favorite wedding images ever as they embraced all of the elements! Slamming down shitty roads and hopping out high fiving to how awesome that just was hahaha.

The next day Chase emailed me saying hey I lost my wedding band! He made his own ring and it has so much character I was in shock like when did he lose it! We went back through photos and I found a set of images where it was on his hand and without moving locations it wasn’t anymore. I was headed up there to shoot again and crossed my fingers he didn’t throw his arm or something and it went flying. But I found it in less than a minute thank you sweet baby Jesus!

Even as I type this out small things come back to me about their day. They are so incredible together. I had such a good time with them, one of the couples I hate saying bye to. So so lucky! Their images are killer, stoked to share them with you guys!!!!