Tessa and Chris | Missoula Montana

July 17, 2018


I realize that I say I have the sweetest couples quite often. But each time, I swear, they’re the sweetest couples! How they end up with me at their wedding is mind boggling haha. Chris and Tessa are so sweet, so generous and just want to have a good time, with everyone. They had a beautiful wedding out at Seven Mile Meadows outside of Missoula MT a few weeks ago. Which it’s name totally describes what it’s like! Miles of meadows, wait for it, you’ll see!

They included their dogs which any couple who incorporates their pups into their wedding have major bonus points with me. And even when the dogs were tied up they’d manage to con their way out and make it to the dance floor with Chris + Tessa. Chris would have had 40 groomsman if Tessa let him. But instead he had just 6 guys stand beside him, but all of them as best men, including the officiant! Each with a special hand shake as they walked down the aisle, or he literally just jumped into the arms of one of them haha. When it came time for the rings they started at the end of the line making their way down to Chris + Tessa touching the hands of all of his best men. AND why have flower girls when you can have FLOWER GRANDMAS?!!?!?! This may be one of my most favorite things to happen at a wedding ever. It was so cute and so hilarious as Tessa’s grandmother carefully placed one petal at a time on the ground and Chris’ grandma threw them in to the crowd. Hilariously cute!

They have such a love for adventure + exploring and as the night went on the stories were endless of how perfect they are for each other finding their forever crazy adventure partner. An ice pick was even gifted during speeches hahaha. And the laughter continued every second of the night. I can’t imagine any better way for a wedding night to go than drinks in hand, dancing, and laughter echoing through the valley.

Thanks T+C for having us there and making us laugh alllll day!!!! Stoked to FINALLY share these!!


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