Danielle and Andrew | Glacier Day After

July 19, 2018


Danielle + Andrew asked if I’d do a bridal session, which really I wish more couples did. They’re so fun. A few days before their East Glacier wedding they went up into Waterton and actually started their bridal session up there with a first look in the morning, photos galore, lunch, and then came down in Glacier where I met up with them.

We had the most wild and freaking awesome weather there ever was! For many it may have seemed awful with 3 rain storms rolling through. Wicked winds again. Sun. Clouds. And again more rain. But these two ran and laughed through the whole thing. We’d chill as it poured rain and you could see the storm passing and we’d run out again getting killer light all day. I was like a hyperventilating puppy at times it was so beautiful. I had asked them to just trust me and follow me and go where we end up and they did and my gosh the images are bomb. I knew we just had to go with the weather and when we started it was so harsh and bright so I just wanted to follow the light where it may take us. We wandered areas around Many Glacier and then into the St Mary’s side of Glacier National Park. Crazy all of these images are from the couple hours before sunset! So much changing light. And in some you can see the rain as it starts to come down. I’m just dying over the scenery and how it looks different from image to image.

Danielle + Andrew thanks so much for going on this little wild ride!!! My girl, Esther, came up that weekend to photograph their wedding and I can’t wait to get through those images and share more of these babes!!!!


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