Leah and David | Missoula MT

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Last year I decided to run a special on portrait sessions around Christmas and I was so stoked on the people who booked I did it again this year. So many couples jumped on the opportunity to use them for anniversary sessions, which is amazing cause most couples don’t get photos together after their wedding til they have kids. Leah and David are not one of those couples though. They get photos every year!!! I LOVE IT!

They live about 5 hours from me and made the trek over for photos and a concert haha. Brought along their sweet pup and we let her roam around in and out of photos. She had a blast out there, but really wasn’t up for looking AT a camera haha. David has us laughing the entire time. I asked them to run to each other and embrace only about 5 minutes into the session and David straight up plowed Leah into the snow! HA! I was not ready for that and Leah laughed it off expecting him to do something of the sort haha. It happened a couple more times throughout the shoot and one of those times we lost David’s keys! Only to discover that when we got back to the car. Thank goodness Leah carries an extra cause this isn’t the first, or second, or third time he’s lost them. So funny. She’s got him! The sun even peeked through the clouds every once in a while. We get so excited for that during winter!

I’m certain these two will be belly laughing together until the end of their days. I can’t think of anything better than that! You two, happy anniversary!!! Keep it up with photos and preserving these memories each year!!! All the love in the world you guys!