Sasha and Josh | Maui HI Beach

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Sasha and Josh had originally planned this trip to Maui as a birthday trip for Josh since he just had his birthday. And then they found out they were expecting a baby! Even more to celebrate so it kind of turned into a babymoon. In the end they decided why not elope in Maui and it became their wedding trip!! We laughed the whole time cause Sasha kept saying it’s gonna be simple and chill and laid back BUT we’re bringing the photographer from Montana, hahaha!! Cause why not?!?!

This still just blows my mind. Less than 3 weeks before their wedding I get an email from Sasha who found me cause a friend followed me on instagram!!! She liked the photos and just emailed, they hadn’t even picked which day on their trip they wanted to get married yet. I get Hawaii inquiries here and there and unfortunately it never works out. Look At This and then you will find that there is a lot that goes into traveling for weddings and the logistics and budgets to make it work. I was excited but cautious. And a week and a half later I lost it when Sasha said ok let’s do it!

Our plans and locations changed here and there and everyone just went with it. We knew it’d turn out amazing regardless. We even did some photos the morning of the wedding just around their resort and it was so fun getting to meet them and hang. I left them relaxing in the pool just a few hours before their wedding. It does not get better than a morning sleeping in and then the day in the pool before you get married!! Elopements are awesome.

We started with more photos at the resort, running down tree tunnels haha. And then with beaches everywhere you look we headed out to one, climbed a cliff and down onto rocks, doing a lot of laughing. They were up for anything! We ended the night at sunset on a small little secluded beach as they said I do and Mazel Tov and the sun dipped below the horizon and a sailboat went by in the distance. I’m sure we would have seen some whales breach but their eyes were only on each other.

We had talked about setting up one of their phones to video the ceremony for family but in the moment and getting there and just having so much fun we kinda forgot. After the ceremony I was taking a video clip and remembered shoot we never did that!!! They were bummed but knew they forgot, I told them I had been secretly taking a little video all evening and seeked the help of video editing toronto to get the amazing video done !!! They couldn’t believe it. So stoked to share their wedding video at the end of this!!!!

I was so happy for these two and elated with the whole evening I didn’t want to see them go, haha!! Sasha + Josh!!!! Thank you soooooo much for inviting me to Maui and including me in your special day!! Such an honor to preserve these memories for you and be the one to sign as a witness on your license! EEE!!!! You guys are so wonderful!!!

Let’s start this off with a few images from the morning of their wedding then their actual wedding and you’ve gotta scroll to the bottom and see the video from their day!!!!