Lorissa and Derrick | Missoula Montana

April 24, 2018


It feels like forever since I wrote a blog post. Cause it’s basically been forever. Life has been AWESOME you guys! I’m going a hundred miles an hour at a steady pace so I’m not dying and I’m so stoked for all the projects I’m working on, new clients I’m working with and everything to come! So blogging was put on the back burner. And then I decided to blog last week and my hosting company said ‘HEY! We want to move your blog to a more secure server.” And now that’s done so here we freaking are!

Last month I did a mentoring session for the amazing Jessica Husted Photography. This girl is amazing and we had SO much fun. We had a one-on-one session together, which if you’re considering a mentoring session this is the way to go!! Catered to her and what she needed help with. She’s from Pennsylvania but her man lives in Montana and she’s wanting to expand her market and travel for weddings and I have no doubts she’ll be doing it in no time. Then in the afternoon we had a shoot together followed by dinner as I walked through my entire upload and editing process!

Lorissa and Derrick came out to model and they’re a real dream! Totally up for anything! Laughed and loved on each other. Danced to all of the music. They were perfect! And some incredible images came from that little time outside. In Montana it was pretty much still winter but we found a spot with no snow and the one day that week that the sun decided to make an appearance! I’m so in love I have to share the images here with you guys!!!

If you’re interested in your own one-on-one mentoring session check out all the details HERE!

Xx, J.

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