Brittany and Duane | Lake McDonald Glacier

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My summer wedding season really could not have started any better than it did! Brittany + Duane were my first couple of the summer and they are some of the sweetest people there ever was. Duane got ready and was so calm. In the cabin next door Brittany nervously rambled about all the strangest thoughts that came to mind, using her hands to explain everything to us. I get it, I talk with my hands too. As her veil was put in her mom started to tear up and stood in front of Brittany smiling with pride. Brittany continued rambling and talking with her hands and her dad came up to just stand in front of her and hold her hands to calm her. So freaking sweet.

They had a simple and perfect ceremony on the shores of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. As Brittany and her dad came through the trees he stopped her, smiling, pressing his forehead to hers. They smiled so big their noses crunched as he told her let’s get you married. It was beautiful the obvious love they all share, the guitar playing in the background, her dad’s last kiss on her cheek, the blessings over their rings with Duane’s two boys. It was absolutely stunning. I held back tears going through the photos haha, and I’m not a cryer. They left their ceremony to board a boat and treat their family to a boat ride on Lake McDonald relishing in the magic that had just happened and sharing their first dance.

We then spent the afternoon running down trails and jumping on docks, soaking in the sun, and they kissed every second they possibly could. They had a beautiful set up at the Belton Chalet all put together by Field | A Wedding Design Studio, these girls are amazing! And what a way to spend your wedding day. Promises at the lake, fun in the woods, and dinner around a long table with your parents and siblings. So perfect!!

Brittany + Duane, CONGRATULATIONS you babes!!!