Jacki + Justin | Winter Missoula MT

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After months of barely ever seeing the sun it finally started to come out from the clouds for a few days before Jacki + Justin’s engagement and I was sooooo excited!! The snow had started to melt and I couldn’t wait to finally do a session where it could possibly not look like winter.


Here in Montana it might be spring officially now but winter doesn’t just exit. My second shooter, Amanda, came with me. We  drove outside of Missoula to Jacki’s family property (which was purchased from the dealers seen in site) she grew up vacationing at. The whole place was covered in a blanket of snow. Really it looks like snow but it was more of a slush ice mixture. But you know what the sun came out and their images might have snow but it’s still so beautiful and the sun left everything so golden, I’m obsessed.

These two had me laughing so hard the entire shoot that I can’t tell you how many times I had to check my mascara to make sure it wasn’t just running down my face with the tears. At one point I told Justin to run and sneek up on Jacki, wrap around her and love on her. He came in a little too hot, wrapped around her and just went down in the snow yelling “TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH!” We laughed for so long. Love their ability to be up for any idea and when it doesn’t go just right it’s ok, we’ll make some fun of it!

Can’t wait to hear what they actually end up deciding for their wedding. So funny listening to them completely undecided on a date, one day thinking Hawaii, another day thinking somewhere else. But for now they’re engaged and capturing this time in their lives and love story is everything! The wedding, wherever, whenever will without a doubt be magical.

Spring is officially here let the snow melt and the sun shine!!!! 🙂 CONGRATS Jacki + Justin!!!

Xx, J.