Shannon + Jared | Missoula In Home Session

August 20, 2020


My sweet friend asked if I’d do a couples session with her and her husband. They have a new home outside Missoula, MT + no photo on the walls so she wanted something to hang. She asked “Is it weird to hang photos of us in our home of us in our home?” Hahaha. I said hell no. So we planned out a little evening in their house.

I’m always encouraging of liquid courage so Shannon poured a glass of wine, Jared grabbed a beer from the fridge and I turned on the music to fill the house. They snuggled by the doorway, in the hallway, on all the couches and I said let’s use the guest bedroom. It’s a room with hodgepodge furniture that they just had around or found cheap on the Facebook Marketplace. The mattress on the bed was actually from a family camper. It gave us good laughs as we had some fun. I think Shannon fully trusted it was all good and Jared had his doubts about photos in the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom doesn’t have to be just for the guests you guys 😉

Their pup Obie followed us everywhere and wanted to be in every photo. As much as we tried at times to have a few without him he’d somehow find his way back into the house and into the photos. He’s so cute though! And how funny is this?!?!?! He’s always staring right into the camera!! The sweetest intimate moments between Shannon + Jared and then there’s Obie just staring at me and the camera. HAHA! We had sooo many laughs about this and still do.

I’m obsessed with the rawness of in-home sessions. Casual clothing. Real life. Drinks. There’s a comfort that comes over people in front of the camera when they’re in their own safe space. So in love!

More in-home please!!

Xx, J

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