Glacier Park Intimate Micro Wedding | Stephanie + Chad

Glacier National Park Micro Wedding at a Waterfall
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My favorite thing of 2020 and the ridiculous year that it was lol, is how much life was breathed into elopements + intimate/micro weddings. They have always pulled on my heart strings. There is something so magical about the way they play out. With or without all the details + little things there is so much more ease + peace in these types of events. Whether it’s just the two of you or even if you’re including your immediate fam + a couple of others so close to you that you choose them as additions to your family.

Stephanie + Chad brought their family to Glacier National Park for their wedding day. They rented an airbnb near the entrance where they could all be together. We caravanned into the park, along the Going to the Sun Road, over the pass to Sun Point. That day they winds were HOWLING. There were whitecaps on the lake below, it was wild. But even still S+C said this is the place, this is where we say I Do. We found a small little nook on the cliffs where the wind was ever so slightly less, it was wild, and they shared their vows and promises to forever as everyone gathered around huddling together to stay warm. It was beautiful + I loved that they just went for it, not letting weather get in their way. 

After their ceremony we retreated to the trees for some family photos + turned some music on the speaker as they had their first dance + everyone joined in with them. S told me she really wanted a waterfall so I took them down the road to hike down into one. This was so fun cause all of their family came along with us so it was a mini little adventure hike down to enjoy a new view + mist on their skin. And we ended the evening up at Logan’s Pass as the sun went down, the wind got a little cooler + they bundled up + wrapped up into each other’s arms. The weather does what the weather does + it was the perfect day!

Xx, J