Dan + Paula | Glacier National Park Engagement

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Ohmygosh proposals. Let me tell ya that honest to god I’ve never been a big fan of photographing proposals. They always have seemed to be over the top, perfectly planned with a ton of details. And I’m just not into it. Sorry not sorry. But 2020 I photographed a few proposals in Glacier National Park! None of them over the top + I came to love them. Just an overview plan of where, maybe a signal so we’re on the same page before  it happens + a sneaky plan on how to have the other someone ready/pulled together or how we could get them ready for an engagement sesh without giving any hints to something is up. Each one went off like a charm!

This one though, might be my fave!  Dan + I made an outlined plan to meet at Lake McDonald where they’d just walk down the shoreline and he’d take a photo of her by the lake and then propose to her. We sent a few texts earlier in the day of where on the lake and what everyone was wearing so hopefully we could spot each other. I laid on the rock beach for a while taking in the view and then noticed them walk out and grabbed my bag and stepped back into the woods as they walked down and we gave a wave to each other.

Paula looked out at the lake as Dan acted like he was going to take a photo but when she turned around he was down on one knee proposing to her. She was in such shock and could not believe it. Asking over and over if he was kidding haha. It was actually so funny to watch and in all her surprise Dan couldn’t remember all the things he wanted to say other than will you marry me.

Dan had also planned for them to switch hotels that day to another area, which Paula thought was the dumbest idea, but now realized how it worked out so we had all of her clothes and everything in the car for her to change for photos. We all hopped in my car and ran up to Logan’s Pass area as she asked a million questions of who knew and how this all worked out. It was SO MUCH FUN! 

In the end it felt like we were long lost friends and I was so sad to see them go. But it’s all good cause not only did I photograph their amazing proposal + engagement photos… I’ll now be headed to New Jersey next year to photograph their wedding overlooking the Manhattan Skyline…. WHAT?!?!?!?! This life is so cool + so are these two! Can’t wait!

Xx, J