A Western Wedding in the Rocky Mountains

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Throw on your cowboy hat and grab your cowgirl boots, that’s the only way to view Haley + Aaron’s western wedding in the Rocky Mountains! Originally inspired by dude ranches, horseback trail riding, mountain passes, and unconventional laid-back wedding ceremonies, they decided on an elopement in Glacier National Park in Montana. 

But their western wedding wasn’t only about the flowers, the attire, the photos – it was an entire experience for them. They didn’t care about having the perfect day, only a day true to them. Real, spontaneous, a little spontaneous, natural, wild, carefree. And boy did they get just that! 

They showed up in a more western casual attire, Haley in a cute denim jacket with fringe and Aaron sporting the best cowboy hat around. We drove across the park with no true plans, just stopping for anything and everything they wanted along the way. A stop here to gawk at a grizzly bear, a few moments there to appreciate the roaming mountain goats, all the while having an absolute blast just soaking in the incredible landscape they flew across the country for! 

Just before their ceremony on the shoreline at St. Mary Lake, we stopped so Haley could change into her dress in a campground bathroom. Aaron and I walked out to the lake first, so Haley could have her grand entrance and a first look at her soon-to-be husband. 

The vows were so sweet, so simple, so loving, just like these two. Their ceremony only lasted a few minutes, as it wasn’t really what the day was centered around for them. It was important, of course, but their day was more about the experience than anything else and these two had more exploring to do! 

We went right back to it, meandering along Logan’s Pass, the two east coast babes just taking in all that a Glacier National Park wedding has to offer. The sweeping mountain views, stunning valley fields, the random wildlife surely to cross your path. 

Our adventures landed us in front of Lake Mcdonald, Aaron telling me Haley is a true water lover. The surface of the lake was so calm and the reflection of the mountains glistened like it was on glass. Before I knew it, Haley + Aaron slid right into the lake, wedding attire and all. 

After a make out session and some picture-perfect photos of that reflection on the water, they went off for dinner in their wet clothes, without a care in the world. It was truly such a fun day and their photos will prove it to you. 

Don’t worry, Aaron + Haley’s western wedding adventure didn’t end there. The following day they lived out their wild west dreams on a dude ranch, riding horses, and celebrating the fact that they just got freakin’ married!!!! 

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