An Intimate Glacier National Park wedding

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Want your Glacier National Park micro wedding to feel like more like an elopement? Let’s make it happen! That was Devin + Blake’s request for their intimate national park wedding. Family and friends were in attendance for the ceremony, but we set off on our own adventure in the park afterwards for some elopement-inspired fun! 

Back during D+B’s fall engagement session in Glacier, we had soooo much fun together! So I knew I was in for a treat on their wedding day. They had visited different parts of the park during their visit and knew they wanted a wedding ceremony in Two Medicine Valley! The area is stunning and has a ceremony location that permits the amount of guests they have, so it was the perfect choice! 

They chose to keep it small and make it all about them, but felt that there were a few very important people that should be there on their day. It’s not uncommon for couples to feel this way! An intimate wedding in the park is the best of both worlds. 

D+B had their ceremony at Pray Lake, with gorgeous mountain views and the sunlight sparkling off of the water. Toasts were made, champagne was sipped, and her father gave such a sweet speech. They had first dance by the creek as the sun filtered through the trees all dreamy. The wedding portion of their day was wrapped up with some sentimental dances and a few family photos. 

Then we were off for their portrait photos! Two Medicine and Pray Lake are connected, so we ventured off for a little walk to Paradise Point for some different scenery. This is always my favorite part of the day, where the couple gets the chance to bask in the excitement of being married and just be together. The skies turned a little hazy from forest fires that started in the park that night. As awful as it is, it created a hazy glowy filter for the evening, and the photos luckily did not suffer one bit. In fact, that golden hour glow was just amplified! 

Based on their adventurous engagement photos where they were literally hanging over a cliffside at one point, I knew these two were up for anything! We headed for Running Eagle Falls as the newlyweds snaked through forests down trails, scampering out onto rocks, until we landed at an epic overlook for their final photos at sunset. 

To end their wedding day, Devin gave Blake one of the most heartfelt gifts I’ve ever seen (and that is saying something, my couples are freaking cuuuuute!) She had written him a letter every day for the past year in a journal, talking about different ways she loved him – including an entry from earlier in the day – their wedding day. It was the perfect ending to an absolutely magical Glacier National Park wedding day. 

So if you are dreaming of an elopement, but know you want to bring some of your closest loved ones along, let D+B be proof that you can definitely have it all. 

Xx, J