Two Medicine Valley Engagement

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Whether you’re vacationing in the mountains or you call Montana home, a couples engagement adventure session in the park is such a treat for you and your partner! Plan a day full of fun and invite a Montana photographer (me, obviously) along to capture it all! 

That’s what Leah + Colin did. 

These babes live the nomad life, traveling the US with their pup, hanging out at different Airbnbs, house sitting, or camping in scenic areas. When they decided to set up their lives in Montana for a bit, they knew a visit to Glacier National Park was a must. Inspired by all my Glacier shoots on my blog, they reached out for a session of their own! 

Luckily they were already in the area, so they were able to go into the park themselves and explore the views + choose what they like. Many shoots I do in the park its most often the couples first time during their shoot so this was a bonus! They fell in love with the Two Medicine Valley, which is not hard to do, with its glistening lake and picture-perfect peaks. So that’s where we went for their couples photoshoot! 

We decided on sunset in the park and as I arrived, the smoke was rolling in. It’s not unusual in late summers for forest fires to send a lil haze into the valley. And while it can blow out the mountains in the background and alter natural colors in photos a little, it also creates an otherworldly glow if it isn’t too thick. 

Leah + Colin started their adventure on the shores of Two Medicine Lake. If you love beach couples photos, but are also mountain lovers, this is the perfect spot. Nearby there is a lesser known waterfall, and while they didn’t quite care about having waterfall photos for their shoot, the adventurers in them said, “let’s wander for a bit!” And I freakin love them for it!!! 

Afterall, my whole approach to couples photoshoots is to create an experience and not to worry about the photos. That’s my job! Just go out and enjoy your time together, if you do, the images will always turn out amazing. 

Finally, they headed up to an overlook for sunset. This was Leah’s “must see” and one of my favorite spots! This location is technically outside of the Glacier National Park, so their pup could join them for the last photos of the night. And as the sun set over Two Medicine Valley, it threw the most amazing hazy glowy dreaaaaamy orange smoke show for us to end a day of fun. 

The truth is – you can’t go wrong with couples photos in Glacier National Park. If you’re looking for a little inspo, check out Stephanie + Kyle’s Glacier National Park couples photoshoot or explore more of the blog!