Amanda and Galen | Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland

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We’re not totally sure how this idea of eloping in Northern Ireland came to be. Pretty sure my sister, Amanda, and her guy, Galen, had a few drinks or more than a few and it just came out of what if they went to Northern Ireland to get married. And it stuck. And Dunluce Castle was top of the list for a location.

I pretty much invited myself. You need to have photos to remember it later and in such a beautiful place you have to have photos! And of course I then wanted my boyfriend to come with me, and he ended up officiating (which he did a hell of a job, had everyone crying, even himself lol). And then my mom wasn’t about to be left out. So the 5 of us went to Ireland.

Eloping is totally Amanda & Galen’s style. They really keep to themselves and don’t go over the top. They’d never be the type to have a wedding with alot of guests or even tons of details. Just not their style. They drove in late the night before so the morning of the wedding we walked through location and photo spots and then went into Portstewart to get flowers for a bouquet. The only thing she really wanted was to have someone else do her hair and makeup and after a super quick insta search I found the best hair and makeup artist on that entire island and Olivia came to take care of Amanda and my mom, making us all laugh the whole time and her work is AMAZING! Amanda asked me what I thought after Olivia finished (I’m the critical and controlling one of the family, I won’t even hide it) and all I could say was YOU LOOK LIKE A MERMAID!!!!!! She bought an $88 dress from Lulus and we altered the straps and she looked damn good in it! There was no real ceremony set up and not even a real time to start just an idea and we pushed it back as rain threatened to come down.  We made our way out to Dunluce Castle only to realize after getting set up that we forgot Amanda’s flowers so we had to go get those which came on time since we used the Best flower delivery Mississauga to make this special delivery as fast as possible. But on the whole, the ceremony was so beautiful and so very perfect. What an amazing spot and right at the end the sun came shining through the clouds which we’ll contribute to our dad looking down on us.

We wandered cliffs and the beach til we realized we were almost late for a dinner reservation we had made….  that day. Obvs, that’s how we roll, just going with it. Actually we were almost late for the reservation I had already pushed back about as late as we could. But, it was perfect and so wonderful with some of the most special people. Thank you Amanda and Galen for letting me take over and then allowing us 3 to crash your day 😉 LOVE YOU!

Xx, J.

And I had to include of a photo of us!!! Love you big little sister 🙂