Layne and Mike | Kalispell MT

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Things just work out in such strange ways, right?! I’m always amazed at the avenues that couples go through to find me and decide I’m the photographer for them! Layne and Mike are from British Columbia and originally had their hearts set on another photographer from BC but they were unable to photograph their Montana wedding and happen to be friends of mine so they referred them to me and the rest is history. I’m always telling photographers that other photographers are not your competition we’re in this together and look what can happen when you become friends!! I get to work with this awesome couple!

Layne’s family has a cabin on this beautiful lake outside Eureka MT that they spend so much time at. It’s always been her dream to get married there and now it’s coming true!! Layne and Mike headed to the cabin to spend some holiday time and plan out wedding details and we decided it was the perfect time to to actually meet and do an engagement session for them at this special place. So we actually planned to shoot right at the same time as their ceremony exactly one year before!

The property is amazing and we took the boat out for a while out to a sandbar and messed around in a canoe with this crazy idea I had in my head. And ohmygosh it totally turned out! I’m obsessed with the canoe photos!!! And brought out their pups for a few. Which I died. Dogs are the best.

These two are so carefree and laid back and willing to try the weird things I come up with but totally don’t look weird in photos lol! I cannot wait for their big wedding celebration on the lake!! It’s going to be absolutely perfect!!!