Missoula MT Photoshoot Workshop

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A few weeks ago I hosted my first ever in person live shoot and whoa! I loved it so much it won’t be the only one I do. I regularly receive emails and messages about how I photograph couples. Everything from how to get emotion out of them to how I got a certain light to what lenses am I using. The truth is each image is a collective of each of those questions. Lighting, creating emotion and what lens to use when. So I decided to host a workshop at sunset (fingers crossed we’d get one) and I’d show photographers in person what I do. It was a blast!

We didn’t get that sunset. And truthfully this workshop didn’t go quite as I had planned. Some big storms rolled through and I thought I might get lucky with timing and miss them but that wasn’t the case and right as the workshop happened we had a small window to actually shoot and I surpassed some of the starting teaching part and threw it in on the fly so we could shoot while the weather let us and then it poured for a while and we were able to talk and discuss things and then get in just a few more images before my models just about froze to death haha.  They were serious champs and damn good lookin ones!

I’m self taught and have such a huge heart for putting out information to educate those just starting or working to grow their business. We all have room to continue improving but what a blessing to connect and hang with people who have been commenting on my blog foreverrrrr and help them with new tips and tricks and encourage the growth of their craft and businesses.

Do not worry I will be doing this again! No set date but there will be another opportunity for it!

But for now, some images that I took at the workshop. Thank you thank you to Habitat Floral Studio for running with it and creating the most magnificent bouquet when the only thing I told them was desert rose. Their work is amazing and if you’re getting married or have an event with a need for flowers or plants, these ladies are for you!  And another big thank you to Velvet Bride! Their collection of dresses is stunning and I had so much fun and such a hard time trying to pick a dress but the Truvelle dress they let us borrow from the shop was AMAZING! THANK YOU THANK YOU ladies!!!