Chantelle + Andrew | Glacier Park Elopement

Glacier National Park Hiking Elopement in Many Glacier
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These sweet babes just wanted a day of adventure + sharing vows in a space that took a little more effort to get to it. We didn’t anticipate rain, but the rain came. We debated on whether we wanted to hike as far as we were thinking or not and said let’s just go for it.

We hopped on board the boat at the hotel in Many Glacier in Glacier National Park and rode across the lake, hiking up and over a little hill and onto another boat deeper into the mountains. The rain still steadily fell and we started to make our way though a little marsh up the mountain aways until we had a beautiful view of the lake below, mountains around us and a couple glaciers in the distance. Chantelle’s shoes + the bottom of her dress brown from the mud on the trail. Her and Andrew held hands and shared their vows to each other. A few tears and a lot of laughter they promised to forever there in the beauty of mother nature.

We danced our way down the mountain. Soaking wet. Running through the marsh and taking photos all along the path as we walked back to the hotel along the lakes instead of getting on the boat.

There is something really special about making an adventure of their I Do’s. An afternoon they’ll never forget, not just because they got married but all that happened in their getaway. The views, the wildlife, nature, the rain, a whole new experience in a new place they’d never been before. It’ll be the most special place to them now to return to in the years to come.

Cheer’s to you two + many more adventures to come!!

I can’t wait to do more hiking + exploring with more couples on their wedding day after seeing this beauty, even on a rainy day!

Xx, J.