Brandie and Nathan | Glacier Park

July 19, 2018


These babes roadtripped from Arkansas to Montana to elope in the mountains. They bought a truck camper a few months before to revamp and camp their way through their honeymoon and they lovingly named it Tramper. HAHA. They rolled in and I met Brandie in the camper to lace her into her dress and meet Nathan on a hill over the lake. I loved their carefree spirits. Literally leaving town and buying Nathan’s attire and ring along the roadtrip. Cruising in just before their vows in the camper with hoodies and flannels on. And then dealing with such cold weather in July with smiles and laughter. They are awesome.

It was so gloomy and raining and the wind whipped through the valleys again. At one point they looked at Amanda and I and said “You guys, this is an Arkansas winter!” We laughed. It was 40 degrees and much colder with the wind but then 2 days later it was over 90 degrees. That’s Montana for ya! Even though it was an Arkansas winter out there they were such troopers, down for everything, constantly making me laugh, and not even asking for a jacket! Ok, they wanted one but it was hard to take off once it was on hahaha. They said quick I Do’s above the lake and then ran down trail, stood on cliffs, hugged in fields. Absolutely perfect.

And Brandie’s ring…. Cannot get over this! Nathan made it! He made her ring with his own hands!!! When I saw it I just yelled nooooo cause it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. I would never have believed him that he made it but he showed me photos he took during the whole process which he had them made into a book for Brandie telling the story of her rings creation. It was freaking unreal. I’m still so amazed! Nathan has really set the bar high! DANG DUDE!

Loved running around the valley with these two in the wind and rain and with Tramper haha. Wishing you both all the best in life and so grateful you included Amanda and I on your day!!!!!


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