Eden & Ryan | Hamilton MT

August 8, 2017


I was sitting in the car when I got this text that Eden, my dear friend Taylor’s younger sister, has decided to elope in a week in their dad’s yard and was I available to photograph it. Things are just meant to be cause I was and Eden and her man, Ryan, are like my dream couple to photograph.  I’m also obsessed with their impulsiveness. We all knew they’d get married one day but so fitting of them to just decide let’s do it next week in the yard.

We spent the week texting about a plan on timing and what her dress looked like and then she mentioned that Ryan was getting a baby blue suit. At first thought I was thinking oh no this could be so good, or this could go so very wrong. But in the next second I knew Ryan is good with fashion he’s got this. And he did. I walked into the back bedroom that Sunday afternoon and was amazed at how good he looked! These two crushed it on their attire. And Eden borrowed this veil from her aunt that her aunt had made for her own wedding 46 years before. So beautiful with her two piece dress. Ryan is 6’9” so Eden wore 6 inch heels to make up for some of the height difference and she walked over and through anything and everything like it was nothing. They killed it. Seriously A DREAM!

They had the shortest ceremony of all time in her dad’s front yard with a simple vow to keep each other forever. A few family members gathered around in the grass. Cause this is all they need. I freaking loved it. I think at times we over complicate things in life and love is one of those things. It can be as big or simple as you want to make it and these two did just what was perfect for them and it was AMAZING!

CONGRATULATIONS you two!!! They’re about to head off to Europe where Ryan plays basketball, and I’ll be over here like please update me at all times where you are in the world so I can come photograph you pretty much constantly. K thanks.


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