Magical Elopement in Iceland

bride and groom running through lupine field in Iceland as they elope
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You probably don’t need much explanation for why this elopement in Iceland was so magical, yeah? I mean… It’s ICELAND! But it would be a shame not to share more about this day and how it came to be, so I’m going to do that for ya right now! 

“Wanna photograph our elopement in Iceland?” It was always a HELL YES from me, but the more I chatted with Ria + Jordan, the more I was excited about this destination wedding in the Land of Fire and Ice! Ria had actually followed one of my past brides who got married in Banff, found me, and as soon as Jordan popped the question, she messaged me! I love a long time Instagram follower turned client!! 

Their wedding was planned for 2021, but of course the big C had other plans for international travel, so they pushed it to 2022. But wow was it worth the wait!! 

And while Iceland is always an epic time, the weather is something else and totally unpredictable, so if you’re looking for warm and sunny days for your vows, it might not be the place for you. Those are never guaranteed in Iceland. Warm is a good like 66 degrees lol. Ria + Jordan are adventure people though – self-proclaimed national park gurus and real outdoorsy people – so they were up for anything! And that mentality is really want you need for an elopement in Iceland. 

We had planned some portraits the night before the wedding, maybe a dip in some hot springs and exploring a bit, but the weather was bitterly cold and absolutely pouring rain. So we decided to wait out the storm and try the next morning! 

So it was the morning of the ceremony and off we went to explore some nearby waterfalls! It wasn’t raining at all, thank goodness, but it wasn’t super warm either. Or warm at all even lol. So I photographed them as we wandered around, and into a cave with a waterfall inside. The water was icy, but I had a plane to catch the next morning, so I refused to soak my shoes. I’m more of a barefoot kinda gal anyway, so in I went, shoeless, and freezing my ass off. I know I know, crazy, but DUDE IT WAS WORTH IT! Some of my favorite photos of the trip! I want to frame them in my own house.  

We took a break and let the lovebirds get ready for the afternoon festivities – their wedding ceremony! They got ready in the coolest little set up, doing hair + makeup, and getting dressed all in a camper van. You would have never guessed they were actually supposed to get ready on some cliffs instead, but we had to shift as the area was closed for nesting birds (just another very Icelandic hiccup!) So the camper van by a little multilayered waterfall was Plan B and we went with it! Getting ready at a waterfall is Plan B… I mean c’mon. 

It had been sunny that afternoon but once again, in true Iceland elopement fashion, just as they started to get ready weather rolled in! Ria was a trooper in her backless dress as the temperature chilled. And while they set up the ceremony, the videographers and I hid in the van to warm up with heat on full blast! 

Then some seriously magical moments followed. In the opening of a secret cave, surrounded by twinkling lights and their favorite people on earth, Ria + Jordan said yes to forever in a beautiful ceremony by a local Icelandic woman. Followed by Icelandic pancakes, traditional Icelandic cake, and plenty of champagne! 

To end an epic elopement in Iceland, we pulled ourselves together best we could as walking icicles and did some portraits on a black sand beach outside the cave followed by a field full of lupines! From flowers to waterfalls to camper vans and caves — what a freakin’ treat it was to photograph these two! 

But you want to know the coolest part about eloping in Iceland? The opportunities for scenic views and big adventures are quite literally endless. We didn’t even cover a small fraction of what is out there to explore. So who wants to go?? 

I’ve got so many ideas and plenty of frequent flyer miles. Wanna plan your elopement in Iceland? Or heck while we’re at it Ireland? Norway??? Let’s doooo it! Share your ideas with me on this contact form and we’ll plan the best day (or trip!!) EVER!

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