Mountain Engagement Photos in Many Glacier Valley

Glacier National Park engagement photos in the Many Glacier valley during the summer
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Mountains and whiskey and bears – OH FREAKIN’ MY! These mountain engagement photos were a lot of fun with Sarah + Preston as we ran around the Many Glacier region in Glacier National Park. And it was anything but boring! From a late start because of a navigation mishap to ending the day taking shots straight from the bottle on a little overlook, you’ll want to see these inspo-worthy images. 

Preston is from Montana, so mountain engagement photos just made sense for these two. Even though they currently live in Cali, they love coming back and spending time with family, exploring everything epic and beautiful in Glacier! That didn’t stop Preston from taking the wrong way into the park and having to circle back around though HAHA! I drive in circles all the time. 

I can’t say much though because after they arrived, I hopped into their car, and off we went to shoot. Only to realize that I forgot my camera back in my own car after we drove all the way to the location. I was excited to hang out lol. But that’s okayyyyy because I always build in extra time for mishaps into the shoot. When you’re out in nature, no cell service, climbing rocks, and running through fields – mishaps are bound to happen. The only way to make it work? Roll with it! 

So that’s what we did! We headed back out to that sweet little spot in the field, with a crazy scenic backdrop for some mountain engagement photos. We were the only ones there when we pulled up, but after a bit, another car came, and then another. Before I really noticed what was going on Preston noticed more and more people eventually saying, “uh I think we have an audience?!” That prompted me to look at all the cars and I knew in an instant. 

BEAR! There’s a bear here. 

When you’re strolling through Glacier, soaking in all of the sights, and suddenly there is a traffic jam – you know there is a bear around. We call it a bear jam. Everyone wants a look! 

And sure enough, there was a huge black bear not too far away behind us. Sarah had never seen a bear and was ready to high tail it out of there! But Preston and I convinced her we needed to stay. The bear sauntered around a bit, but had no interest in us, the cars, or the road. So instead of packing up, we did what any one taking mountain engagement photos would do. 

We put the bear in the shot! And now Mr. Black Bear is forever documented in their story. 

After the excitement from the bear, I wasn’t sure we’d be able to top that, but the fun continued! We headed to the lake, chased a hidden waterfall, and got so much variety in their photos. They brought plenty of outfits, all chosen based on a guide I sent over, and it was just too freakin’ good!!! 
They finished off an epic day with some shots of Wyoming Whiskey, a fan favorite with my clients! Sarah + Preston saw it in Aly + Erik’s Teton elopement and had to bring their own. They can’t get enough of it! Rumor has it, they might even skip the champagne toast at their wedding and go straight to the shots of whiskey! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a wedding I want to be a part of! Luckily I am. Stay tuned.