Elopement in Yellowstone National Park

Bride and groom run barefoot through Yellowstone National Park
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Have ya ever thought to yourself, “hey should we have our wedding in Yellowstone?” ‘Cause Krista + Greg did! They are actually huge fans of the show Yellowstone which inspired them to get out and explore the famous landscape for their big day! Fun fact: Did you know a fair amount of Yellowstone is actually filmed in the Missoula area? The more ya know! 

And thank goodness Krista + Greg planned their wedding in Yellowstone National Park when they did. It was a freakin’ beautiful day spent running around the north of the park, scoping out SO much wildlife, and hangin’ near some hot springs. But in that exact region, just days later, massive flooding occurred making that entire area inaccessible. Yellowstone closed all entrances to the park during this historical flooding, as roadways collapsed, houses washed away, and an insane amount of damage ensued. We were super lucky on timing, so we have to be thankful for that! 

The festivities for their wedding in Yellowstone started as I met them at their glamping site! They were getting ready there before heading into the park together. Then off we went to Lamar Valley for their intimate ceremony followed by an adventure roaming about in the area, taking photos as we went! 

Krista wore a white wedding dress for her ceremony, but there was a bit of a story behind it. Her original dress actually didn’t arrive on time and wasn’t delivered until they were already in Montana. Luckily Krista is a smart cookie and prepared for the alternate plans, ordering a second dress for her day! But after a mishap with the alterations, she didn’t feel 100% comfortable in that dress. (And what do I preach??? Comfort people, always comfort!) 

So while out shopping around town, she stumbled upon a blue floral dress and decided why not wear it for the rest of the photos?? As it turns out, the blue dress looked planned all along. Greg wore navy blue attire with a cowboy hat (so Yellowstone like!) and Krista’s new blue post-wedding ceremony dress complimented it perfectly. Ya know what they say about things working out!  

Their ceremony in the Valley was simple, short, and sweet, but packed with so much love as they exchanged thoughtful personal vows. They said they wanted to see plenty of wildlife, so instead of a fancy reception, we went on an adventure! No critter was missed as we spotted bears, tons of bison, a wolf, and a few moose! 

Their wedding in Yellowstone ended at Mammoth Hot Springs as these two lovers ran around like they belonged, Krista in her bare feet and Greg in his cowboy hat! Truly an epic day in a beautiful place. 

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