HIking Elopement in Montana

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A morning hiking elopement in Montana means an early wake up call! Now normally I’m all about slowwww mornings, but this elopement was definitely worth the alarm. I mean getting married on a cliff overlooking the mountains in their morning glow?? Come on!! 

Kayla + Wyatt knew what they wanted when they came to me – a simple hiking elopement with a cool overlook and just a select few of their closest loved ones. And that’s what they did! They picked a sweet little spot in the mountains of Western Montana outside of Missoula, brought along a best man for Wyatt, a friend to officiate, and Kayla’s parents. 

Starting around 6am, Kayla and her parents headed off for the hike. Wyatt and the other hung around for my arrival and then off we went! The boys and I caught up to the others, so I switched off to hang with Kayla a bit while we hiked. Six miles in and out for this hiking elopement! 

The overlook is a stunner, let me tell ya! The perfect place for getting ready. Kayla got ready in the morning light, looking out over the mountains. The juxtaposition of these babes in their full formal wedding attire as we perched ourselves high above the land below, deep into nature – it was the best freakin’ thing. 

If you take anything away from Kayla + Wyatt, let it be a reminder that you don’t have to skimp on the details just because you are eloping. Even with an early morning hike into the wilderness, these troopers strapped their suits to their packs, carried a pitcher + flowers, and brought along bubbles to make a toast! All of those simple little pleasures of a wedding day were still there, but instead of a venue, they got married on a cliffside. And it. was. awesome. 

Inspired by their hiking elopement in Montana? Ooooohhh let’s plan yours! I’ve been running around Montana my whole life, finding all of the nooks and scenic spots, so I’ve got an idea or two. Big Sky, Glacier National Park, the Beartooths? Missoula, Bozeman, Paradise Valley? Montana is a big beautiful state, let’s go get you hitched somewhere epic! All you gotta do is say hey