Wedding at the Yellowstone Club Montana

Yellowstone Club mountaintop dream wedding
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Meghan + Jimmy’s Yellowstone Club wedding was one for the books. And ya I know, people say that allll of the time. But imagine two creative professionals, getting married in the most exquisite place, bringing along a band and DJs, with the most incredible vendor team working actual magic on everything from florals to desserts. Add in the sweetest damn humans in the world! That was Meghan + Jimmy’s wedding day, in a nutshell. 

Let’s start with just how epic the Yellowstone Club wedding venue really is. Well it’s not really a wedding venue, as it’s a private ski resort and golf club tucked into the forest of the Rocky Mountains, just west of Big Sky. It’s kinda a big deal, with members like Justin freaking Timberlake, chillin’ and vacationing in the beauty Montana has to offer. So let that set the scene for you!!! 

Now we have to talk about Meghan + Jimmy. Not only are they actual angels, they are both extremely talented creatives. Jimmy is in the music industry, so you already know the jams at their receptions were top notch. His friend’s 90’s cover band came along to play live (we all were in heaven) followed by two DJs to party all night long. The level of cool was freakin’ outrageous. 

And then there is Meghan. For all of you who don’t know, I’m a texture gal. They make all of the difference when it comes to your photographs, so I’ll preach texture until my face turns blue. When I found out Meghan is a textile artist – you know it, I turned into a fan girl. Every bit of her wedding screamed “photograph me!!!” from her dress to her florals to her decor. Did I mention her dress???? An absolute beauty from Chana Marelus, an Isreali designer. It was INSANE. I’ll take one for myself, please! 

And while it was truly an immaculate day, it was also entirely super mellow. These babes flowed through their day, without a care in the world, just happy to be getting hitched and spending time with their peeps! They got ready at the barn, headed up to the heli pad for a first look, and actually took the time to sip drinks with their guests during cocktail hour. Dinner was to die for and the dessert spread was super impressive + included gluten free snacks for me. I had my own seat at a table with the band (that always makes me feel so loved by my couples!!) and now I’m part of the band, no big deal. 

The entire wedding spent the night jamming away with the band and dancing into the night with the DJs. A truly epic Yellowstone Club wedding. The sweetest couple with the sweetest love. An all around joy-filled day. 

So good that I’d do it again and again! So who’s inviting me back to the Yellowstone Club for another wedding?? Let’s do it!