Jaclyn and Geoff | Squamish BC

February 16, 2018


These two do life completely on their own terms. Whatever it is that they want and makes them happy, they just go after that. They both knew they wanted to elope one day. A big wedding wasn’t for them. They didn’t have this big engagement event. They didn’t even have a ring! Geoff simply just asked her one night if she’d marry him. Simple and perfect.

They had planned a trip to Whistler with a few friends to have a skiing getaway. And along the way they thought wouldn’t it be great to elope then! Actually their original plan was to make it official at the courthouse just before leaving and then showing up in Whistler married and asked me to come photograph them there! As they were planning this all out they were trying to think of who their special people could be to know their little surprise and come with them as witnesses to the courthouse. Geoff told Jaclyn he just wished he could have it be his brother. They were about to meet his brother and other friends in Whistler and decided to cancel the courthouse and make it official in Whistler with these dear people who had NO IDEA what they had planned! Sunday morning they promised forever together in a park with their 4 witnesses!

Everyone had been saying they thought for sure they’d get engaged on this trip. Well, SURPRISE they’re coming home married!!!!

We went to Squamish, BC and headed up the gondola to the summit. I totally believe everything works out just as it’s supposed to but I’m still always amazed at how it actually works out! A few days before I checked the weather and it was supposed to dump snow. I said nothing to them and played it cool, maybe the clouds would still be high and we could see some mountains… maybe. The night before I looked again and fell over so excited as it showed clear skies and lots of sunshine! Not only was it not going to snow and be socked in but we were gonna get a freaking sunset in one of the most epic spots everrrrr!!! So crazy and so beautiful! So excited to share these!!!

Jaclyn and Geoff you two had me laughing the whole time! Thank you so much for a fun night among the mountain tops!! Keep doing whatever it is that makes you happy, and only that!!!


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