Lisa + Michael | Glacier National Park Elopement

Glacier National Park Waterfall Cliffside Elopement
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Lisa + Michael dreamt and planned to get married in Hawaii. But like sooooo many other couples this year COVID made them pivot. Glacier National Park came up and they couldn’t resist and started planning a trip to Montana and a wedding day in the park.

At the time the park was still closed. Fully closed. But we crossed our fingers that things might change as more started to open up. And sure enough the park did open but had very limited areas and limited number of cars inside. We crossed our fingers hoping we’d be able to get up to Logan’s Pass for photos but that didn’t end up working out. With the park limited with their employees due to them all living in dorms and limiting capacity with COVID the roads just weren’t ready til much later in the season this year.

But they were true sports and have such a good vibe and energy around them. Just go with the flow. They find a way to keep smiling and always laughing. So we again pivoted to a new idea and made some of it up on the spot. 

I met with them at their hotel in Whitefish to help Lisa into your dress and do a first look on the trails behind the hotel before we headed into Glacier. We picked up the officiant en route and headed for a waterfall. I had a couple ideas of where we could do a ceremony in that area. It was just going to depend on how high the water was and how many people were around. Where they ended up on the side of a cliff was not one of those ideas lol. We looked at a couple spots and as we were talking through them I noticed this little open spot on a rock there. Michael caught me eyeing it and saw just what I saw and we made our way up and over to see if it’d work. He said it was perfect. And now it will forever be their spot!

We laughed and danced the night away finding little spots without anyone around and they took in the views around every corner. It was their day, it was official. It was perfect.

Xx, J.