Julia + Blake | Paradise Valley MT Engagement

engagement photos in the mountains of Paradise Valley MT
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I’ve grown up in Montana and there are just some areas that blow my mind every time I’m there! Paradise Valley is one of those places!!! Julia + Blake grew up in Livingston and said downtown was super cool and they wanted to do some of their engagement photos down there and then drive out for some views and the sunset.

I had never been to the actual downtown of Livingston area and was so surprised! It is the cutest little area ever and since then I’ve told all my girlfriends we need a weekend getaway there with cool people, little restaurants, boutique shopping and views for days. It’s gonna happen soon! So stoked these two wanted to go down there and keep their photos so casual and natural. It fits them so well and I’m so obsessed with the results. 

Afterwards Julia + I had a couple of ideas of where to go for sunset but Blake had an idea he thought might be good so we let him show us what he thought, kinda to just appease him buuuuut uh boy picked the dream spot! The best sunset of the summer with them dancing in a field as the last light kissed their bodies wrapped together. It was a little fairy tale dream. 

They originally planned to get married and have their wedding in this valley and we had planned their engagement photos elsewhere. But COVID hit and caused them to start thinking about pivoting their wedding plans. We pushed through for their engagement photos and then that weekend a crazy storm came through and our plan for those also fell through. But they went up to the engagement location anyway and fell in love with the area and actually moved their entire wedding to the engagement location and we shifted engagement photos to their original wedding area. Wait til you see their wedding!!!! It’s absolutely unreal in the craziest location!

Everything always works out just how it’s supposed to 😉 Somehow!

Xx, J