Romantic Montana Elopement in the Mountains

Bride and groom embracing in MT mountain field
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Mara + Marco’s Montana elopement was…WHEW stunning! You’d never guess that I had never spoken to either one of them until the day of their wedding. Other than the initial inquiry that Mara filled out, there were no emails, no calls, and no chats with the bride and groom-to-be!! 

Wild right!? Honestly this is kinda my nightmare lol but Mara + Marco live busy lives in the medical fields in the middle of a pandemic and just happen to have a best friend who is a wedding planner. So Mara left Michelle’s email and Michelle took it from there. 

It truly left me a little worried. I typically only work with couples who I feel are a good fit. You know, my kind of people. So never even chatting with Mara + Marco left me with a weird feeling. I just didn’t know what to expect. 

Of course, they show up and are literally the coolest people. One brief conversation with these two lovers made all of my worries melt away. We met at their AirBnb to head off to do their first look in a nearby park in Kalispell. They wanted some photos with their pups (totally necessary, duh) and you can’t take dogs to their ceremony spot, so this was the perfect compromise. 

After that, we headed into Glacier National Park. They decided to do portrait photos first and to do the ceremony last. So there we were, heading off into the mountains for their Montana elopement. We drove up to Logan’s Pass, taking photos out in the blooming sea of wildflowers. Then we cruised over to Sun Point for more, laughing and having a blast the whole time. I swear the most fun we had of the whole day was in the car. Mara + Marco are freakin’ hilarious and I loved every second of just hanging out, driving around with them. Finally, we headed over to Wild Goose Island where they exchanged the sweetest vows for just the two of them, me and the mountains to hear. I don’t ever get sick of moments like that. 

I loved them so much that I just had to get them a wedding gift. So I headed over to a spot where I heard there was a grizzly bear. We showed up and there he was! Surprise!

From the bear sighting, we headed out of the park. On a high from the most perfect day, Mara + Marco kept joking about hopping into a waterfall. Mind you, the temperature had dropped to something like 50 degrees in the park. But how can you deny the wish of two adorable newlyweds?! So we drove over to a waterfall right off the road and in they went. A magical little unplanned moment, just making out in the waterfall. I’m here for it!! 

Soaking wet with no clothes or towels (in all fairness I told them I had a huge towel in the back of the car… that turned out to be a lie! Oops!), we finally headed out of the park. Mara + Marco were probably freezing to death and definitely uncomfortable, but you never would have known. They were living for every second of that day. That’s exactly how it should be. 

I hope you are as obsessed with Mara + Marco’s Montana elopement as I am! ‘Cause damn, they’re hot! And their photos are out of this world. Scroll down to see what I mean!! 
If you’re ready to book your own elopement in Montana, or anywhere in this big ol’ world, let’s do it! Head over to my contact page and fill out my inquiry form. I ALREADY CANNOT WAIT!