Foggy Mountain Elopement

Bride and groom embracing in the rain and fog in the mountains of Glacier National Park
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We weren’t sure what the weather would bring for this mountain elopement, but Teyanna + David just rolled with whatever came our way! The results? A moody, foggy backdrop for some gorgeous couples portraits in the mountains and the occasional downpour of rain that kept it interesting. 

Teyanna + David got legally married before their mountain elopement, but came to do vows and photos in a picturesque location. I love doing after-wedding portrait sessions with couples because it’s always a little more carefree. No worries about getting dresses dirty or being away from guests too long. It’s just a lot of soaking in all the love and bliss from being newlyweds, often in an incredibly scenic location. For Teyanna + David, that was Glacier National Park. With sweeping mountain views and rushing waterfalls and an ever-present mystical fog. 

I picked them up in West Glacier, ready to go explore! They brought along pillows and blankets and decor from the AirBnb for a little picnic. We headed over to the east side of the park where we found fields of flowers and pretty grasses, so of course we stopped to run around for a bit. As time passed, big storm clouds rolled in behind us. Quite literally, we tried to outrun the rain, so we hopped over to Big Bend to try to share their personalized vows. The meadow was so socked in with clouds and fog that we decided to stop and just hang out for a bit. Snacks and all, we just sat in my car, chatting away, waiting for more visibility. But it never came. So instead, they just embraced the heck out of it and exchanged their vows right there in the meadow, fog all around us. Rain pouring from the grey skies. It gave the moment this larger than life mystical feel. It was a completely unplanned feel for the day, but somehow was so fitting. The images show that no matter the weather or the changed plans, the photos are really about the love. 

On the way out of the park, we stopped at a waterfall for one final play in the rain. In the car, we joked about all of the pillows and decor they packed in just for it to pour rain and never use them. You know Murphy’s Law, always reminding you that plans will always change. But Teyanna + David rocked it! Just going with the flow and embracing whatever came. It was their adventure, no matter what challenges the day brought. 

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