Sweetest Elopement in the Mountains of Montana

Fall sunset elopement in the mountains of Montana in Glacier National Park wheelchair accessible
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This elopement in the mountains couldn’t have been sweeter. From start to finish, Leoni + Jacob were just so in love with each other and their journey together. Add in a me who lives for this kind of elopement day, and a videographer who literally captures pure freakin’ magic with his camera, some wildly stunning landscape, a few shots of tequila, and you’ve got quite a wedding day

That’s how Leoni + Jacob’s elopement in the mountains went down. When they first reached out to me, they told me they were national park people, but they had never been to Glacier National Park. They also told me that they had planned to cruise out to Montana together and secretly elope. And sent me a photo of them with J wearing a matching flamingo print button up and shorts. By this point, I was already 100% invested in their story and ready to capture every moment. 

They were staying at Clear Sky resorts, so I headed there to meet up with Leoni + Jacob, as well as their videographer they had hired, Films by Stanton. After a quick creep on Instagram, I knew Stanton was freakin’ talented. So I was stoked to work with someone to capture the details of this elopement day. 

We all cruised into Glacier, just chasing the light, soaking in the truest fall weather you can get in GNP! Autumn doesn’t last long, so the timing was perfect. We started at Avalanche Creek before cruising up to Logan’s Pass to exchange personal vows before the actual ceremony. Sitting right there on the side of a mountain, snuggled up in the grass together, they looked at each other, eye-to-eye, and shared the sweetest words. They sealed it with a kiss and a shot of tequila. And then another shot with Stanton + I because it was freezing and we needed a bit of a booze blanket to keep warm haha. 

It was time to head toward Big Bend to have the official ceremony. Raul of Best Day Officiants performed a stunning wedding ceremony and just like that, Leoni + Jacob started forever together! We chilled for a minute of post-ceremony cuddles to just bask in that euphoric I just married the love of my life feeling as the sun set. 

We headed back toward Avalanche to hang out at the boardwalk after dark. The cold creeped in, so more tequila was needed. We all snacked on some sandwiches and m&ms while they cuddled by lantern light. The perfect ending to a day full of love. Even I was on a high from how sweet and intimate their day was! It wasn’t just another elopement in the mountains, it was truly their day. 

Way back when they first inquired, I knew Jacob was in a wheelchair and that he regularly visited national parks, but the more I talked to Leoni + Jacob, the bigger their story became. I learned that they had come across several other couples who were in similar situations, with one partner who was physically unable to walk, who didn’t think an epic, adventurous elopement in the mountains would be possible for them. Leoni + Jacob wanted to inspire others by showing them an adventure elopement was accessible to them. That yeah, there may be limitations or difficulties when planning your day, but that it was 1000% possible. They were really excited to share their story with others and hopefully spark others to go for the day they truly want! I wanted to share their story, too.

If you’re dreaming of an elopement in the mountains, GO FOR IT! And when you do, I’m your freakin’ girl. Glacier has been my playground for a while now, but no mountain range is off limits. Wanna have a Grand Teton National Park elopement? Or maybe head to another spot in the Rockies like this Colorado mountain wedding? It is possible for you, no matter what! And I’ll help ya make it happen.

Xx, J