A Party in Jersey at the Batello Wedding Venue

Classy wedding and party at Batello Wedding Venue in Jersey City looking over the water at the Manhattan Skyline
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After their engagement session in Montana, these two babes asked me if I would fly to NYC to photograph their Batello wedding! They really wanted vendors who felt more like friends, and after we hung out for their engagement photos in GNP, it was clear we could have a dang good time together! Plus if you know me, you know I’m always always always down to travel, so of course I said heck ya let’s do it! 

Just across the water from the Big Apple sits Jersey City. And right there on the Hudson River is Batello, a high-end Italian restaurant and event venue, with the most breathtaking views of the Manhattan Skyline. I’m telling you, it’s a freakin’ magical place. And it also happened to be Dan + Paula’s wedding venue. 

If you’ve been following along with my work for long, you know that city skylines aren’t the backdrop for most of my weddings. I work mostly out in wild nature, most often in the mountains. So I won’t lie to you, I was nervous. I mean, I always get a little flutter of nerves before photographing a wedding, ya know, because it’s a mega important moment in your lives. But this wedding was different. I traded mountains for buildings. And in the mountains, I know how to work the light. I know how to control the surroundings and manipulate them to work in our favor. But in Jersey City there were people everywhere, streets instead of fields, and shiny buildings reflecting light like no mountain ever would. But Dan + Paula are absolute angels and knew I could provide them with the imagery they imagined for their day (even if I wasn’t so sure). 

And holy crap, let me tell you! I am obsessed with their day and the gallery of images + memories we created + preserved. 

Dan + Paula were totally nontraditional when it came to their wedding day. Dan even went wedding dress shopping with Paula, so he had already seen his soon-to-be bride. So on the day of, Dan was right there as Paula got ready as well, making the most of every moment they could spend together on their wedding day. 

Dan + Paula mentioned an abandoned pier with epic views for photos, so I stole away their wedding party and them and we went to see what it was all about. We walked right out, snapping photos as we went. But quickly a construction team came over to end our fun. And then in the spirit of true friendship, their wedding party kept the workers occupied as Paula, Dan + I snuck a few more photos before they kicked us out completely. It’s not a wedding day without some shenanigans right?!! So we danced in the sunlight of the street then haha.

One quick Google search of the Batello wedding venue and you’ll see why this ceremony location was simply so stunning. Or ya know swipe down, you’ll see! With the entire city as our backdrop, these two lovers said “I Do” with their loved ones watching and cheering them on. The sky hinted at a chance of rain, with storm clouds hanging above, but not a drop ever fell. And after the ceremony, man did the party start. 

The cocktail party set the tone for the rest of the night. The wedding party slipped into a private room to decompress and chill before dinner, have some appetizers and a few drinks. An idea I would recommend to anyone!! And then everyone ate a delicious dinner by candlelight while the Manhattan skyline twinkled in the background. It was so gorgeous!! 

To end the night, Dan + Paula wanted a real freakin’ party. With a live band with a drummer and saxophone player who absolutely rocked it, every single person was having the time of their lives. As my time came to an end, I stole away the newlyweds for a little moment outside with the skyline in view. The perfect little cap to their documentation of a wildly beautiful Batello wedding. I love them forever and ever amen.

Xx, J