Anna and Chase | Beartooth Pass

October 4, 2018


I am crushing sooooo hard on these two and this freaking shoot! Beartooth Pass is a special place to Anna + Chase and they asked if I’d come meet them and photograph their engagement photos and I bout lost my shit. We planned this epic run up the pass from Red Lodge, Montana over into Wyoming and sometimes plans just remain plans. We can try as much as we want to make it perfect but once September hits Montana weather can be literally anything. This couldn’t have ended up more perfect! Them, the light, the views. AHHHH!!

I picked these two up at the bottom and we started cruising to the top stopping every so often and running through fields to take in the crazy views. You guys I still am losing my mind that we can just drive to all of these spots. We’re not hiking miles into the backcountry. We’re parking the car on the side of the road at almost 11,000 ft elevation and walking 3 minutes. Mountain passes always bring wind but I’m such an encourager of my couples to let it just go. We’ll do our best to situate you in a way that the wind is appealing in photos but the look of motion it gives is just the best and we can’t create that. Hair flips and dress throwing look cool but not as cool as real wind. They were such troopers.

We’d run back to the car totally out of breath swearing we aren’t in that bad of shape but at 11000 ft it’s hard! But views at that height, guys check these out! These two are so freaking cute embracing it all. This was a real dream come true as cliche as that is to say haha!

Who else wants to go here?!?!?!


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