Engagement Photo Ideas: Choosing a Sentimental Location

searching for the best engagement photo idea and location, get sentimental!
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When you go searching for the best engagement photo ideas, you’ll likely find endless big views and epic scenery and curated spaces. But what if I told you that it can be more simple than that? This session with Marissa + John was at a quiet spot alongside a river behind their property and it was just as dreamy as any engagement photo inspiration I’ve seen out there. 

It’s true that I shoot a lot of adventure sessions. And typically, I don’t even get to take engagement photos for my wedding photography clients because most of them are from out of town! They come to Montana for the landscapes of Glacier National Park or stunning resort towns like Big Sky. And as a destination lover myself, I am all about it! 

But when I get to take engagement photos for a local couple in Missoula, I geek out over the possibilities of quiet locations, sentimental spots, and laid-back shoots that showcase their love just the way it is. And when it was time to think up some engagement photo ideas, that’s exactly what Marissa + John wanted! 

While the spot was definitely pretty, there wasn’t anything famous or epic about it. But it was woven into their everyday life, a little oasis to walk their pup, spend some time by the river soaking in the sun, to retreat to and unwind after all life throws your way. It was a view they knew all too well, every twig we passed and twist in the trail was so familiar to them. 

This is your permission slip to throw away all of the engagement photo ideas on Pinterest of places that mean nothing to you and replace them with sentimental places you spend time with the one you love most. The pub where you play trivia every Thursday. The couch where you snuggle while watching your favorite show. The river where you walk your dog. 

When Marissa + John look back on these photos, they’ll always remember the moments spent together in this spot. Their home by the river in Missoula. The way the leaves turn quickly in the fall and bloom slowly in the spring. All of the good, real life moments that fill their relationship. What a freakin’ sweet tribute to their love!

So where are my Missoula babes? Let’s comb through your favorite engagement photo ideas and capture your love just the way it is. I’m ready when you are! In the meantime, here is another piece of inspo for you + your partner! Check out this in-home engagement session!