Yellowstone dreamy sunset engagement photos

Hannah + Connor | Yellowstone Engagement

May 14, 2020


Hannah sent me an email saying Hiiiiii! We’re coming to Yellowstone! Please do our engagement photos!!! As if we’d been longtime friends yet we’d never spoken before! I love that couples come to me like we’re already besties, cause we’re about to be anyway! 


Their whole family was traveled to Montana for a family vacation to enjoy Yellowstone National Park and fish and hike the area. They found the most perfect little vacation rental outside the Yellowstone entrance in the Paradise Valley right along the river. She loved it so much they asked to just do photos there and them and that spot were a DREAM! We ran around the property as their family warmed up inside or fished in the river, it was so fun!


We turned the speaker up and pumped the music. It looked so warm out but it was actually FREEZING and the clouds continuously danced in front of the sun. I actually wondered when I arrived there if we’d even have any sun that night but the sun always appears at the perfect time. It gave us some evening glow as the wind whipped through the valley bringing so much movement to Hannah’s hair + cute outfits. It’s always magical to me how weather that doesn’t seem ideal is actual perfection in a photo shoot.


Hannah + Connor were just soooo cute and sweet together. The way he’d brush the hair out of her face as the wind kept blowing it around. Their soft kisses. They way they just melt into each other arms to stay warm as our teeth chattered. And the beautiful way their  fingers interlaced together. One of my favorite afternoons ever.

We came inside in the end and her fam had fresh made nachos to snack on and then her mom sent me home with fresh hot chocolate chip banana bread for my drive!!! I do not deserve these amazing humans in my life!!!

So so so grateful I get to call this my job! Congrats H+C!!!


Xx, J.

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