Nicole + Brandon | Glacier National Park

Many Glacier Hotel Intimate Wedding
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When people imagine Glacier National Park it’s not just mountain + glacier views but wildflowers and bears and sunshine. Especially in the summer but the reality is mountain weather is often unpredictable. Nicole + Brandon brought their kids and families to Many Glacier to be there with them when they promised forever together. And being summer they were a bit surprised by a good ol’ summer storm.

Nicole never reached out about the weather which is pretty uncommon when it looks like it’s gonna pour and you’re planning everything outside. So I took the initiative to check in with her. My response to weather is always go with it. We can’t control it lets not fret about it and I promise it’ll be beautiful no matter what. And she responded with yea we’re getting married no matter the weather.As we all walked out to the spot they picked for their ceremony it started raining. I had hoped it might hold out for her family but it didn’t and it down-poured during their ceremony. Everybody went with it used whatever they could to protect themselve and laugh while Nicole + Brandon seemed totally unphased. It was AMAZING! One of my fave weddings ever.

We drove out a bit to what appeared to be the edge of the storm to get out of the heavy rain and run through fields. It was so much fun and you can tell they aren’t bothered at all! We ended up soaked and went into the lodge to warm up. There wasn’t any break in site which normally even if there is a storm its short lived but this one just kept up. They snuggled up soaking in the moment and the views from the window inside and I went to the desk like yo can you check radar?!?!?!?! There is no service up there and the internet just didn’t want to work during the storm so Amanda and I ran down and grabbed them warm tea and coffee and chilled. 10 min later you could see the break. We got a rainbow and the best sunset it was pure magic of the mountains 🙂

Xx, J.