Kelsey and Nathan | Snoqualmie Falls WA

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Kelsey + Nathan got engaged and even now haven’t started planning a wedding yet. Which I love. It’ll all happen when it’s supposed to. For now they were planning a big move to San Diego just because they simply want sunshine and their toes in the sand! I’m so obsessed with how they’ve simplified life and go for just what they want.

As they prepared for their move Kelsey knew that even though they weren’t planning their wedding yet, she at least needed to have engagement photos in Seattle before they left. She messaged me asking about going out to Snoqualmie Falls, she loved the ferns in the forest along the trails and of course the waterfalls. I haven’t done a shoot down there in a while and was stoked to get down there again. It turned into more of an adventure than I had anticipated but ohmygosh the photos are sooooo pretty. SO freakin’ worth it! Nathan was so funny and just didn’t want his outfit to ever make him look like a pirate?!?! HAHA! No, dude, you definitely do not look like a pirate in these photos!

Planning sunlight in little canyons can be tough and that day the clouds rolled in. But as we wandered in the forest and ran through more spider webs than I want to remember, the sun peaked through the trees and I about died. Then again at the waterfalls the sun kissed the top of the waterfall and rock wall giving the coolest colors and tones behind them. Once again, another freaking dream session! I still have to pinch myself that these two asked me and we created such magic in these photos.

Kelsey + Nathan, congratulations you two! On your engagement, and your next adventure in life together!!! I have no doubts you’ll have more and all will be absolutely amazing!