Many Glacier Valley Proposal Engagement Photos

Many Glacier Mountain View Proposal Photos

November 10, 2021


You might need a warning before these proposal photos from the fall in Glacier National Park! ‘Cause I’m not sure it gets much cuter or sweeter than these two running around in the mountain valley of Many Glacier and then Chad dropping to one knee to ask Elizabeth to spend the rest of forever with him! Yes, they are exactly as sweet + pure as they look in their photos, if not more!! 

When Chad reached out to me about proposal photos, I knew it was going to be a fun one! He said that they had been dating for six years, long distance and finally wanted to close the gap between them! I’m in a long-term, long distance relationship myself, so I was all hell yeah let’s do this thing! 

Honestly, surprise proposals are always an interesting time. They’re pretty tricky to pull off! You don’t want to over plan because the day rarely goes the way you want it to. But you have to have some type of a plan to make you feel confident and ready and actually pull it off! Plus you’ve got the sneakiness or smoothness with the photographer, a whole story that you’ve concocted, and the anticipation of ya know, proposing to the love of your freakin’ life!! Add in a photographer and it can become quite the process! 

But I’m not new to making people feel comfy in front of the camera, so when I met Elizabeth + Chad in Many Glacier, I knew that we were about to have a fun-filled day!! We wandered all around the valley, hanging out by the shoreline, hiking up the mountain, + running through fields of course. Bill, my Frenchie, came along + he always adds a bit of comic relief to any situation!!! Seriously, my couples love him + he’s my secret weapon to get people to forget the stress of the camera. 

And when we were up above it all, Chad dropped to one knee + asked Eilzabeth to marry him!! It happened so naturally and sweetly and after that, these two lovers were just gushing over each other and the moment! It was a perfect spot for surprise engagement photos in the mountains. 

If you’re looking to plan surprise proposal and have it captured, let me give ya a few tips! Take a note from Chad or even from Dan who also proposed in GNP, and just let it happen. It doesn’t need to be a super elaborate plan or over-the-top details that make the day more stressful than it needs to be. You can plan a couples photoshoot somewhere magical and then let it unfold when it feels right. The simpler, the better. 

And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at these photos! You can tell they were just having a great time exploring the park! No bells or whistles. Just a bit of adventure, a whole lotta love, and a day they won’t soon forget!! 

Xx, J.

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